6-Week Foundations Course

Our foundations program is designed to be a entry point for building a solid base for your fitness journey.

The emphasis in our foundations classes is mobility and flexibility, imparting correct form and movement patterns, and increasing cardiovascular capacity.

In a typical foundations class, we will begin by spending some time working on flexibility and warming up. Then we will spend a bit of time going over a few specific movements. We will work with you to teach you how to move correctly… working on your form and technique. We will then transition into a workout. After the work out, we will spend some minutes cooling down and stretching out again.

Our foundations program is well suited to anyone who has not worked out in a long time or someone who is looking to learn correct form and movement patterns before joining in to our regular classes.
It is also a great option as an entry point for older athletes. Many of our older athletes need to spend special time and attention on their mobility, flexibility, and developing a baseline level of cardiovascular capacity. Our foundations classes are, by design, a bit slower than regular classes and have more one-on-one time with the coach than our regular classes.

There are over 200 movements and exercises that we regularly do at CrossFit. Those exercises range across a broad spectrum of physical disciplines such as gymnastics, weightlifting, and “cardio-style” work.

All the exercises we do have various versions so that athletes of a variety of skill levels, ages, and fitness levels, can perform and reap the benefits of these exercises.

In our foundations series, the trainer will work with you to determined which version of the various exercises is best suited for you at this point. As your fitness develops, your range of motion increases, and your strength capacities increase, we will gradually challenge you with the more difficult versions of these exercises. In other words, as you get fitter, the workouts remain challenging and appropriate for your skill level and fitness level.
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