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Friday Dec 7,2018

Luke F
Nice work Szabo!! Slayed it!!


Metcon: Reps
Warm up:

8x Rounds of :20 work and :10 rest.
RX: Free standing handstands
S1: Hand stand holds on the wall
S2: Plank hold (Can also have elevated feet on box)


3 x AMRAP 5, 2:00 rest between, 6x chest to bar pull-ups + run 100m + 6x handstand push-ups + run 100m

S1: (Reduced)
AMRAP 10 of 4x pull-ups + 2x wall walk-ups + run 100m

S2: (Further reduced)
AMRAP 8 of 4x ring rows + 2x wall walk-ups + 50m high-knee skip

0% 0%
1st8+5 Debbie Fri,Dec 7,2018
2nd8Britney Fri,Dec 7,2018
Crystal F Fri,Dec 7,2018
3rd7 +13Seanna Fri,Dec 7,2018
1st8+11 Mark Fri,Dec 7,2018
2nd8+6 Luke F Fri,Dec 7,2018
3rd6+2 Bryan Fri,Dec 7,2018

Enrique4+3 Rx bar muscleups
Paul R6+6  box HSPU
Kelly B6+3  green, box PU
Josh B6+13  skinny blue CB, boxHSPU
Derek WRx
Patti6+8  Green Band, 3 mat HSPU
Cady Green band 3 mat HSPU
Araceli7+6  Mod hspu, blue band pull ups
Amber T hand stand dips
Adam (5+10  ring pull ups, wall climb
Debbie8+5 Rx
Mark8+11 Rx
Leila RR,pike PU
Paul S4+6  rock PU chin over bar
Bryan6+2 Rx
Sarah Yag5+3  3 mats hspu, bb
Brooke3+5  banded c2b, box hspu
Kylie6 rds  1 mat, mod C2B without band
Tina6+13  Gr band, 3mat hspu
Chris M6+1 Rx
Kimberly6+7  red band c2b, 2mats HSPU
Jim Z6 rounds  wall walks ring pu
Luke W MB*HSP,green band
Boz5+13  Green band & boxhspu
Quimby6+6  red band, 3 matt HSPU
Luke F8+6 Rx
Jo6+6  blk bnd, 2 matt HSPU
Crystal F Black band/ box hspu
Britney Ring, two mat hspu
Seanna7 +13  Mod HSPU some rounds
Cathy Black band c2b/box hapu
Christi Deload week. Blue band PU, 3 matt HSPU
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