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Friday Apr 12,2019

Welcome Noah
Kimberly...You are strong and possess impressive capacity for endurance; both in the gym AND in life.  You are constantly serving others in the name of Jesus.  I love and admire you.  I am so happy for you for this next new and exciting chapter of your life!

Casey Mil
What a great WOD to honor you Kimberly! It literally has your name all over it! When I think of fire breathers - you are one of them. So chillax... until someone throws a barbell in from of you! Reed and I may not make it tonight. He's not feeling well. Let us know if/when you find your next Box of choice. Would love to hear about it! Take care Double K. XO.



For Time:

Run 800

80 situps
60 walking lunges
40 WBS 14/10#

60 KBS 44/35#
40 box jumps 24/20'
20 burpees

40 pushpress 45/35#
20 pullups
10 G2O 95/65#

Run 800

Scaled versions will be on the white board.

0% 0%
1st24:57 Seanna Fri,Apr 12,2019
2nd29:02 Quimby Fri,Apr 12,2019
3rd31:00 Mercedes Fri,Apr 12,2019
1st21:09 Luke F Fri,Apr 12,2019
2nd23:45 Chris M Fri,Apr 12,2019
3rd25:58 Ryley Fri,Apr 12,2019

Ryley25:58 Rx
Enrique27:02 Rx 54#kb
Andy28:19  50% reps
Kelly B19:17  50 reps, green
Pete F36:00  Russian KB swings
Josh B31:51 Rx +20Pu
TheraAwesome  Sauce
CaydenThe  Dude
Casey Mil25:12  MOD
Debbie33:01 Rx
Mercedes31:00 Rx
Sarah Yag32:45 Rx
BlakeHalf  1/2
Cady31:22  Blue banded PU
Brooke29:00  50%, rowed 800
Rogan26:42 Rx
Jo36:15  light weights
Julie G18:23  50 percent, green banded pullups, others RX
Kimberly27:47 Rx
Chris M23:45 Rx
Quimby29:02 Rx
Sarah Yar30:18  26# KB, Mod pull-ups green band, 35# G2O
Jenna33:51  35# G20 & pushpress, Ring pullup, 18#KBS, 10# WBS
Annika35:38  25#, 18#KB, green band
Britney29:39  8#,26#,35#,65#
Luke F21:09 Rx
Casey F31:11  Row/box step ups
Crystal F33:17  Green band - everything else rx
Cathy26:42  Black band pu/step ups/row 800
Seanna24:57 Rx
Oli36:25 Rx
Results Posted: 31
Boz 6:19am
Sorry to miss your party Kimberly (t-ball game tonight). Your enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious and helped keep me going in my early days at CrossFit. I will miss working out with you. Best wishes and enjoy being a grandma!!

Derek W 9:36am
It was a pleasure working out and training with you Kimberly. Keep up the great work and best of luck with everything you do next!

Pete F 9:46am
Kimberly, I enjoyed your presence and positivity every time. Good luck to you in the new chapter! Thanks for picking a fun chipper of a workout :)

Rogan 3:00pm
Kimberly, Your work ethic has been inspiring over the years, as well as your positive attitude. I'm sorry i cannot make your party tonight. I wish you luck in all your future endeavors. It will be strange not seeing you around the box. Take care!

Jo 5:43pm
Hey Kimberly! Good luck with all! Grandmotherhood is awesome! You will see. And like Rogan said, it will be strange not seeing you around. Thanks for all the support you have given me, and others too I'm sure. Come back and see us sometime!

Casey F 8:44pm
Kimberly you are so special to me ❤️ I will miss you! You be sure to come back now ya hear?! 🙂

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