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Monday Apr 8,2019

14166 RX

Metcon: Time
General warm-up:  

5 rounds
Rest as needed between lifts
Thruster 3-3-3-3-3x

3 rounds with a 20min cap.
21-15-9x reps
Box jumps (24/20 inch)
Toes to bar

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Andy18:30  knee ups, box dips, pull
PattiDNF  PU banded after 13, banded dips, t2b first round k2c after
GarrettComing  UP
Ryley17:43 Rx
Enrique18:31 Rx skill:115#
Pete F18:21  Knee Raises & Box Dips , Skill : #125
Kelly B19:30  skill 65#; green band, k2chest, bsteps
Josh B18:13  skill #115; green ring dips
Kimberly20:00  red band dips, 85# thruster
Martha V16:32  mod
Casey MilTrain  You
Seanna16:10  *Modified*
BoDNF  Skill #155
Sarah Yag19:23  BOX DIPS
Sarah Yar17:13  PU/green band/blk band, Dips Wgreenband/Box dips, kneeups
Bryan19:49  Small red band dips
Chris MDNS (had to leave) Rx 155# 3x thruster
Isaiah17:07  gree(skill 105#)green band PU box dips and N2chest
Quimby18:54  red band RD, Skill: 95# plus 100# 1 rep max
Annika18:05  grn/blk band PU, box dips, Knee to chest, Skill: 50#
Luke F10:38 Rx #185 Skill
Paul RDNF Rx 3 Dips (in 9 round) at time
Julie G18:07  Purple band, knees up #95 skill
Mercedes18:40  Box dips
Jo19:50  Blk band, 14', bench dips, T2B and K2chest mixed
Cathy18:16  Mod pu kip/dips with rigs feet on ground/K2C Skill 80# 3x
Courtney18:12  MixedGreen band and box dips, black band pu
Jillian D16:11  24 box jump green band for dip
Scott G18:00 Rx
Chloe J18:13  12/9/6 KPU & T2B
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Tarrah 8:02am

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