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Wednesday Apr 3,2019

Gymversary Enrique-2 & Martha V-2
Welcome Garrett & Jenna
Metcon: 14076 RXOther Posted Results

14076 RX

Metcon: Time

1 rep max strict shoulder press

It's 5 o'clock somewhere
4 rounds
Run 400m
25x Push-ups
25x Back Squat (75#55#)
25x Sit-ups
25x Double unders

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TodayAll Time

Enrique19:48 Rx
Andy20:00 2.5rds DNF  knees
Jenna23:40  3 rounds, 35 bs, singles, strict max 70
Ryley23:37 Rx
Mark20:58PR Rx 145# strict press/ PR by 1:50
Cady30:03  singles/doubles some knee PU
GarrettLooking  Good!
TedThe  Dude
KimberlyN/A  NS
Sarah Yag24:36  rx 3 rounds 65 strict shoulder press
Sarah YarDNF 29:28  Skill 85# 1x WOD 4 rounds, knee push-ups, 55# BS, 6 DU YAY!!!!!!!!!!the rest singles
LeilaDNF  3rds 25:43 45#,mod.pU, skill 80#
Tiffany V20:19  3 rounds mod push up, singles
Chris M19:10 Rx 120# shoulder press
Scott G25:35 Rx 145# strict press
Jim Z30:00  2 rounds 65#lbs BS, kneeling pu
Rogan21:36 Rx
Jo25:40  Mostly knees PU, 35#, dubs and singles mixed. (Did 4 DU in a row!!! 1st time ever)
Pete F24:32  3rd at #65
Julie GDNF  #35 thru 14SU, mod PU, singles
Britney22:28  4rnds 45#BS singles
Cathy24:59  3rds 55#bs/box pu/15du with singles, skill 100# ssp
Chloe JDNF  knee Pu; 22 back squats on 4th round
Oli30:00  4 rounds w/ 10 jumps to finish. Doubles/singles. 140# skill
Boz23:36  3rds kpu, 55#, singles skill=105#ssp
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