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Wednesday Feb 6,2019

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Metcon: Reps
24min. EMOM alternate between 1 and 2.

1. 6x Sit-ups 5x HSPU
2. 6x Sit-ups 5x inverted rows

After this EMOM is complete with only one minute of rest preform the following. (cash-out)

1min. Rest
1min M.E. HSPU
1min inverted row
1min M.E. Sit-ups

0% 0%
1st10 Casey F Wed,Feb 6,2019
2nd24+66Quimby Wed,Feb 6,2019
3rd24Cathy Wed,Feb 6,2019
Jo Wed,Feb 6,2019
Leila Wed,Feb 6,2019
Tina Wed,Feb 6,2019
Christi Wed,Feb 6,2019
Sarah Yag Wed,Feb 6,2019
Amber T Wed,Feb 6,2019
Kelly B Wed,Feb 6,2019
Patti Wed,Feb 6,2019
1stRX 24 + 44 reps Clyde Wed,Feb 6,2019
2nd24 Chris M Wed,Feb 6,2019
3rd24Paul R Wed,Feb 6,2019
Boz Wed,Feb 6,2019
Bo Wed,Feb 6,2019
Ted Wed,Feb 6,2019
Josh B Wed,Feb 6,2019
Ryley Wed,Feb 6,2019
Enrique Wed,Feb 6,2019

Patti24  Cash Out 70
Enrique24  skill:58 IRbox
Ryley24  CO 59; 1 Mat HSPU
GiovannaAwesome  Effort
RyanThe  Dude
Kyle R17  Regular Pushup
Kelly B24  Not rx; CO:40 (hold hand stand)
Josh B24  Mod. CO: 57
Dallas24  43 Box Mod HSPU
Ted24  Mod, bob CO64
Amber T24  hsdips ring rows
Bo24  mod
Sarah Yag24  hsd, inverted and og rr
Christi24  mod hspu
Casey F10 Rx 10 Rd RX 7 rds 1 mat hspu cash me outside how bout dat
Jim Z10,10,10  pivot RR, box PU
Chris M24 Rx strict HSPU, GHD, upright row @115#
Tina24  Hs dips, ring rows.
Leila24, mod  It is a process!!!
Boz24  box hspu
Jo24  2 mats HSPU, CO 68
Paul R24  (42CO) 3 pad hspu
ClydeRX 24 + 44 reps Rx
Cathy24  Box hspu/mix RR and inverted rows/situps with 10#wb, CO 180
Quimby24+66  Mod
Results Posted: 25
Ryan 7:50pm

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