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Monday Jan 28,2019


Metcon: Time


3 rounds for time of:
25x DUs
25x Push-ups
25X Abmat sit-ups
25x Box jumps (30/24)

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Patti14:32 Rx 24' box
Enrique16:22 Rx 30' box
Kyle R16:46  75su
Kelly B13:58  24#steps, kneePU
Josh B12:10 Rx
AndyNS  NS
Ryley13:47  24' box
PeterThe Dude  Not Rx
Casey Mil14:19  Singles/24/Leg Lifts
TedThe Other  Dude
Amber T15:09  12' box single unders knee pu
Christi13:59 Rx
Laura M20:00  50,50,25 singles, mod pushups,
Bo19:14  24in box
Sarah Yag13:52  knee pu
Brookedid not finish  2rounds 85 reps
DallasDNF  2Rounds+50Reps (push up w/black band)
Luke F8:30 Rx
Kimberly15:44 Rx
Chris M9:49 Rx
Paul R15:41 Rx
Derek W9:55 Rx
Clyde18:34 Rx
Jillian DDNF Rx
Cathy14:43  15 Du with singles/mod pu green band, knee, rr(mostly green band)/13 20' bj (first time)
Boz14:42  3x singles, 20 in. BJs
TarrahModified  Did only 15 reps of everything
Quimby12:52  Singles
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