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Tue, Sep 25 2018

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Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (358 days ago)
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CFN has been doing this baseline over 4 and a half years.

I want athlete buy-in on this baseline today.  Don't go into this with a 'this is too easy' mind-set.  EACH REP should be quality...not sloppy speed.

In order to make this happen, here's how we're gonna do it.

If you have a sub-5 baseline time, you do this wod as a 3RFT.

If you have a sub-10, 2RFT.

If you've never done the baseline, OR you have to modify any part of it, OR you can do the baseline RX but it might be over 10 minutes, do just 1 round for time.

Please consult your trainer with any questions or if you're unsure how many rounds you should do.

500m row
40 air squats
30 sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups

(Trainers please note:  Ideally, athletes will be in the 10-12 minute range on this wod.  Advise them accordingly.  ALSO have them notate have many rounds in the 'notes' section of the WOD Blog score area.)

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TodayAll Time

Enrique4:36 Rx 8th 3rds@ 17:12 2rds@10:27
Paul R5:04 Rx 10th 2 Rounds 5:04, 14:35 - got stuck on PU
Peter6:35  17th kpu/rpu
Tina8:20  11th 2 rnd 8:53, 10 pu the rest knee pu, green band
Amber T7'53 / 15:45  black band some knee pushups mostly not
Robert S8.18/18.22  14th green band pull ups
Seanna4:24 Rx 1st
Sarah Yag8:21  12th Red Band
Casey F6:41 Rx
Chris M15:30 Rx
Jo5:52 / 12:53  8th 2 rnds black band
Luke F3:44 (12:57 3rds) Rx 12:57 total 3rds
Kimberly5:43/12:25  2 rds
Ryley5:05 Rx 11th 3rds @ 17:30 total
Penny6:19, 13:35  banded PU, some mod push ups
Adam (6:01/13:48  Mod pull-ups
Ryan20:08 Rx 3rds

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