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Wednesday Nov 2,2016



Snatch complex goes down like this:

-high hang, (standing fully upright) hit full depth squat snatch, stand it up
-mid (from just above knees,) hit full depth squat snatch, stand it up
-full, start from full depth squat snatch setup, hit full squat, complete snatch

Those 3 movements equal one rep

Work toward max for day.  Since this is a complex, do not set down bar between pieces of this movement.


12 minute amrap

25 DUs
15 box jump 24/20'
10 chest to bar pullups

0% 0%
1st4 + 21S2Leila Wed,Nov 2,2016
1st5+14 Mark Wed,Nov 2,2016
2nd5+6 Chris M Wed,Nov 2,2016
3rd4+35 Ryan Wed,Nov 2,2016

Chris M5+6 Rx 145# complex
Mike C3+90  S1
Leila4 + 21S2  35# complex
Boz3+95  20' step up/blk bnd PU
Mark5+14 Rx 115# complex (pr)
Ryan4+35 Rx
Beth4+31 Rx 115# skill
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