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Monday Aug 29,2016

Metcon: 16070Metcon: New you class 12


Metcon: Reps
Skill: Review the WOD and the movements.  

For max reps  
2 minutes at each station, rest 2 minutes in between  
Snatch (95#/65#)  
Pull ups  
KB swings (53#/44#)  
Wall ball (20#/14#)  
Push ups  
Power Cleans (95#/75#)  
800m Run (Counts as 1 rep)

0% 0%
1st228Patti Mon,Aug 29,2016
2nd170Debbie Mon,Aug 29,2016
3rd160Cady Mon,Aug 29,2016
1st228 Luke F Mon,Aug 29,2016
2nd220 Mark Mon,Aug 29,2016
3rd214 Chris M Mon,Aug 29,2016

Casey Mil146  (75/44/14)
Cady160  (35/26/10)
Patti228  (35/26/10)
Debbie170  Worked on snatch / rest RX
Justin L194 Rx
Chris M214 Rx
Luke F228 Rx
Boz178  35/blk bnd/36/14/modPU/55
Mike C176  85#
Mark220 Rx Didn't count 20 power snatched. Didn't squat the snatches
Jozsef231 Rx 2nd time
Derek W205 Rx
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