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Wednesday, Mar 15

15013 RX

Metcon: Time-Rx2

'The tire fire'
2 min. burpee tire flip.
This is how it works.  You will do a jump onto the tire, drop in the center, jump on to the other side of the tire, drop to the far side turn around do a burpee, and flip the tire. And repeat for 2 min. Score is how many flips.
1 round
60x Push-ups
50x Wall ball 20/14
40x Sit-ups
30x Squats
20x Dips
10x Box jumps 30/24
5x Burpees

WOD preformance:
1 round
60x Push-ups
50x Wall balls 14/10
40x sit-ups  
30x squats
20x Banded dips
10x box jumps 24/20
5x burpees

WOD Conditioning:
1 round  
30x Modified push-ups
25x Wall ball 10/8
20x Sit-ups
15x Squats
10x Box modified dips
5x box step-ups 20'
5x Burpees

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TodayAll Time

Casey Mil13:10  Skill: 8x WOD: RD/PU scaling
Debbie11:31  S1 / 10 tire flips
Leila16:06 mod.  4 tire flips pr
Chris M10:50 Rx 15 tire flips
Boz12:48  mod pu/dips&24 in. st.ups: 8 tires
Colin9:03 Rx 13 tire flips
Ariel10:49 blue band dips  12 Tire flips
Rogan13:58 Rx 12 skill
Kimberly12:13  Lil blue band
Beth St13:43 Rx 13 flips
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