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Monday Apr 24,2017

Gymversary Chris M-3
17031New you class 4



1. Review the wod  
2. Acclimate to the movments
3. Find appropriate load for the WOD.
4. Demonstrate movements to the trainer.

2 rounds
Run 400m
20x Pull-ups
75x Double unders
10x Clean & jerk (115#/75#)
Run 400m
8x Power snatch (115#/75#)

100% 0%
1st16:18 Jillian D Mon,Apr 24,2017
2nd18:49 Seanna Mon,Apr 24,2017
3rd20:45Quimby Mon,Apr 24,2017
1st15:00 Luke F Mon,Apr 24,2017
2nd15:35 Chris M Mon,Apr 24,2017
3rd18:23 Mark Mon,Apr 24,2017

Casey Mil24:00  Mod: HSPU, 95#
Debbie21:06  55#
Justin L19:46 Rx Row first round/ ran second
Casey F22:05  55#
Ariel22:47 75#  Banded pull ups
Luke F15:00 Rx
Chris M15:35 Rx
Boz22:12  75#/blk band/2xsingles
Mark18:23 Rx
Crystal F24:09  25#/rings/singles
Tarrah22:24  55#
Zack19:22 Rx
Quimby20:45  55#, blue band, singles (25 doubles)
Rogan21:52 Rx
Jillian D16:18 Rx
Seanna18:49 Rx
Derek W21:07 Rx
Stephanie C19:26  run, 20x leg lifts, 75x dubs, 10x DL run, 16x bj
Matt H24:06 Rx
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