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Thursday Dec 13,2018

Welcome Dallas
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Metcon: Time
Warm up:

Find a heavy clean and jerk for the day.

For time
50x Double unders
10x Handstand push-ups
40x Double unders
8x Handstand push-ups
30x Double unders
6x Handstand push-ups
20x Double unders
4x Handstand push-ups
10x Double unders
2x Handstand push-ups

0% 0%
1st4:59Kimberly Thu,Dec 13,2018
2nd5:11Crystal F Thu,Dec 13,2018
3rd5:21Patti Thu,Dec 13,2018
1st3:25 Chris M Thu,Dec 13,2018
2nd3:28 Luke F Thu,Dec 13,2018
3rd6:37 Rogan Thu,Dec 13,2018

Rogan6:37 Rx
Enrique10:39  Skill: 135#
Dallas mm
Patti5:21  2 Mat HSPU
Lonna7:45  55# skill (mechanics), 2 ab mat HSPU
Debbie8:13  S1 DU/singles
Tarrah8:55  2 mats for HSPU. 125# C&J
Bo7:34  Mod. 215# C&J (PR)
Tina6:58  Singles, 3 mat hspu
Leila20:00  injured, mod. workout
Bryan8:16 Rx skill 205pr
Luke F3:28 Rx #215 C&J
Chris M3:25 Rx 195# C&J
Kimberly4:59  2 Mats, at DUs
Crystal F5:11  Box hspu / Dubs (100# C&J)
Mark9:09  14# ball situps for du
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