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Monday Mar 18,2019

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Metcon: Time
General warm up:

Back squat 5x5
Work up to 70% of your one rep max.

3x Rounds for time.
50x Dumbbell snatches (25x each side)
50x Alternating dumbbell overhead lunges
50x DU's
25 min cap time.

100% 0%
1st18:47Quimby Mon,Mar 18,2019
2nd20:02Crystal F Mon,Mar 18,2019
3rd20:10Martha V Mon,Mar 18,2019
1st18:00Chris M Mon,Mar 18,2019
2nd23:46Rogan Mon,Mar 18,2019
3rd24:10Josh B Mon,Mar 18,2019

EnriqueDNF Rx 25:30
Martha V20:10  mod
Josh B24:10  35#
Kelly BDNF  20#, 400 reps
Ryleydnf  23:40 -- 35#, 25 DU's
Patti23:36  20#
Julie G20:58 #10  air lunge
Debbie22:58  S1 20# DUstruggles
Sarah Yag20:16  #20 skill 135 bs
Maria T22:22  Skill: 115# 17.5# DB singles, some dblsl
Kimberly23:53  20# singles
Rogan23:46  35#
Sarah Yar20:19  8#DB, singles
Quimby18:47  20#, 25 DU/25 singles each round
Chris M18:00  2@35, 1@50
Cathy21:50  20# db snatches/15# db lunges/du with singles skill; 145# bs x5
Chloe J23:55  20#, SU skill: 125#
Crystal F20:02  15# /DUs // 155# bsx5
Results Posted: 18
Seanna 8:31am
Shout out to all you 5:30amers!!! You guys are inspiring and so supportive of one another! What a blessing it was to coach you all this morning!! 🙌
Enrique 10:20am
Seanna you did awesome thanks for coaching today

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