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Tuesday Aug 22,2017


Metcon: Reps

4 rounds
Run a 400m AFAP
How ever long it takes you to run that 400m you will rest for that time.

AMRAP 10min
5x Box jumps (24/20 inch)
7x Toes to bar
9x Push-ups

100% 0%
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Boz7+12  S1, skill 1:40 best lap
Luke F11 Rx 1:10 skill
Zack8+17 Rx
Casey FRx 1:25 best 400 m
Chris M8+7 Rx 1:04 400
Enrique8 skill Rx 1:00 skill
RoganRx 0:55 skill
Cathy7 +14  Stepups, Mod PU, K2C Skill 1:52 best lap
Leila6+4  mod. s2
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