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Corinna Hargett has offered to coordinate one or two of her child care students to come provide child care at our gym during the 8:30 am Shred class.  This will be from Tuesday, April 17 through Thursday May 24; from 8:30 am to 9:30 am.

Corinna is coordinating this simply as a kindness to the CrossFit community; the students providing child care will be getting community service hours out of it.  It's a very generous offer that I hope will be a blessing to many of you!  

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you must use the 'Kid Care' sign up tab above the 8:30 Shred class tab.  This way, the students providing care will know if there is anyone who they need to show up for.


Ryan and I are so happy with the participation and the results from the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Open!

Special shout out to those fearless souls who've been CFing less than a year and decided to jump in the fray: Jo Wienert, Angela Molloy, Brooke Bates, and Enrique Leon...Way to go!

Special BIG THANKS to Luke for making the viewings happen with his video and audio equipement; so cool. We really appreciate it.

I LOVED the nutrition presentations...and I think many of you did as well. Thanks so much to Christi Schones, Ariel, Casey Miller, Debbie Jones, and Enrique. Your knowledge and sharing were inspiring.

The CFN Affiliate leaderboard is posted on the fridge in the box. Check it out.

A couple really impressive finishes that must be mentioned....

LUKE finished in the top 3.4% worldwide and top 4.8% in the west coast division. He finished 142nd out of 2906 guys in his division for the west coast. Phenomenal! COLIN finished in the top 10.9% worldwide for his division. MARK finished in the top 15.5% worldwide. ARIEL finished in the top 16.7% worldwide for girls in her division.

Great job everyone! And thanks to all who participated in the largest (ever) worldwide athletic competition.


A fitness and nutrition challenge lasting 6 weeks, and designed for people that want to get a kick start back into their health journey, CFN's 3rd annual New You Challenge kicks off on Saturday, April 14.

If you know anyone who would like to CrossFit, but maybe would like a comprehensive plan to get their nutrition on track; as well as be supported by others in the same boat, have them text me at 541 961 9936.


As many of you know, Ryan and I have decided to give the Shred programming an overhaul. Our desire is to make the Shred classes more focused on mobility, range of motion work, and calisthenics; combined with a shorter-duration, moderate intensity workout. We'd like to get away from 30-40 minute cardio 'crushers.' This class will be appropriate for those looking for a more mobility-based class with a moderate workout. For those of you who normally workout Mon, Wed, and Fri; this will be a nice change of pace for Tues and Thurs where you can still get a workout; but maybe not as intense as the normal wods.


Debbie Jones and a few other gals are hosting a baby shower for Araceli. It will be on April 20 at 5 pm at Debbie's house. More info to come. I just wanted to give you gals a heads up.