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Thursday Jun 21,2018

Metcon: 14045Cardio: 180621/SHRED


Metcon: Rounds

EMOM for 10 minuntes
5x Thruster
15x Sit ups
Thruster review
Find workable weights.
Chose your weights wisely.

Max rounds in 15 minutes
3x Deadlift (60% bw)
3x Hang clean
3x Front-squat
3x Shoulder to overhead

100% 0%
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Raysha22:12  Black band, PU
Courtney14:04  knee push-ups, black band rings
Chris M15 Rx 100# hang sq clean
Crystal F13  55#
Kimberly11  65#
Tonya 35lb
Clyde7RDS x 3rep  7075lbs
Robert S15.15  Blue and red band dips
Ryley13  75#
Seanna19 Rx #75
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