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Friday May 24,2019


General warm up

Acclimate to the movements find proper working loads.

21-15-9 reps for time:
Squat Cleans (135#/95#)
Ring Dips

Please post your time as MM:SS.  Note any modifications in the ''Why not Rx'' section.

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1st8:35Martha V Fri,May 24,2019
2nd9:05Molly Fri,May 24,2019
3rd9:15Quimby Fri,May 24,2019
1st13:54 Enrique Fri,May 24,2019
2nd7:53Josh B Fri,May 24,2019
3rd9:18Pete F Fri,May 24,2019

Pete F9:18  115# / dips with green band
Kelly B12:01  65#, green band
Josh B7:53  95#, grn band dips
Enrique13:54 Rx
Martha V8:35  35#/ box
RyleyGolf  Expert
KateThe  Scientist
Thera10:26  55#, green band
Luke WSkye  Walker
Sarah Yar11:24  65#, blueband
Bo10:45  135# banded dips
Julie G12:27  #85, mod dips
Molly9:05  35# bench dips
Quimby9:15  75#, light green band
Trista11:38  65#, green band
Chris M12:17  a few banded ring dips
Noelle9:42  65#, skinny blue
Leila11:20  45#, bench dips
Nicole C10:50  60% modified
Zack16:00?  21@#125; 15@#135; 9@#145 small band dips
Blake11:46  95#, green band
Results Posted: 21
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