Swimming WODs Friday at 5pm in August!

Every Friday evening in the month of August, CFN will offer Swimming Workouts at Lake Olalla!  Workout will be 5-6 pm.  Open to both CFN members as well as non-members.  This is a great opportunity to work on your fitness as well as your swimming; and open water comfort.  If you'd rather paddle than swim, bring your stand-up paddle board, kayak, or long board.  Open to all levels of fitness.  For CFN members, this class counts as one of your weekly membership classes.  $50 for non-members.  We'll swim, run, and do all kinds of mixed calisthenics.  Hope you can come!  To sign up or for more details, text Tarrah at 541-961-9936

What to bring:
--Yoga mat for calisthenics
--Running/trail shoes
--Optional:  aqua socks

SCALED OPTION:  For those of us who aren't good swimmers, or who want to scale down the workouts, feel free to bring and use
--stand-up paddle board
--prone stroke a long board
--any type of vessel to aid you or make it easier

710 NE 3rd St, Ste B, Newport, OR 97365 (view larger map)