Our Members and Their Health and Fitness Stories

CASEY MILLER lives in Newport with his wife Cherity and their 5 year old son Reed.  
Born in Newport, he went to high school in Yuba City, California and attended college at UC Davis.  
He currently works at Lincoln County as the Public Information Officer in the Board of Commissioner s Office.  
Casey is celebrating his first year at CFN and serves as our In-house photographer and graphic design ambassador to CFN.    
Why did you start CrossFit?  
I am turning 45 in July. When I hit my 40s I really began to notice the aches, pains and weight gain were all compounding. For the last 14 years I have been primarily pushing information at a desk in front of a computer. I tried different approaches to working out over the last 5 years but nothing really seemed to stick. Prior to CFN, I struggled with various injuries…  Since, CFN I have been injury free, btw.  
I had seen Crossfit on the internet/the Games and even subscribed to the CrossFit Journal back in 2011. There was something intriguing about the cultures philosophy, the buzz was growing and CrossFitter’s were obviously incredible looking athletes.  When I heard we were getting a box I was super stoked. Ryan and Tarrah opened up shop and a few months later I began my first WOD. I remember the night before my first workout – I was so nervous and intimidated. I think there is a lot of misconception that CrossFit is only for the alpha set.  People don’t realize CFN scales workouts to the individual.    
What do you love about CrossFit ?  
Crossfit is a quick hit. It’s perfect when you have a busy schedule. On average, I work out at the box 2-3 days a week.  You are in and out in an hour… and, off you go with a sweet endorphin rush.  I love the people and group participation: It’s a very supportive atmosphere. I also, dig the science and crowdsourcing of the Crossfit Journal and Community. Learning about the movements we do in the gym, why we do them,  nutrition, mobility, videos. It’s all online. It’s pretty amazing how much information is free and available.  
The bottom line is that I move better now. I am injury free. My mind is clearer. I am more emotionally stable and present for my family. Thank you, CFN!  
What have you learned after your first year at CFN?  
Right away, I knew it was good juju. But, the first months at the gym were a time of transition and learning. It was tough. With the state my body was in, it probably took about 4-5 months before I really became confident to push harder.  I was pretty diligent about mobility work like yoga on my off days.  And, for me, that has been and continues to be very key to recovery.  Now, I feel excited to see how Ryan will program the next WOD and really look forward to the… unforeseen.  
Also, eating is huge. You’ve got to eat, eat, eat.  I have juiced and blended for many years. But, did not emphasize lean protein and good fats like I do now. When your diet is dialed in everything else falls into place, much better.  Mind and body.  My wife feeds our family with the “Clean Eating” concept and I basically modify her efforts with a Primal Blueprint spin.  
Where do you see yourself in the future?  
I have been spending a lot of time studying the CF Level 1 Training Guide. It’s definitely recommended reading. It really helps crystallize what we do at CFN.  
I realized at some point  that functional movements were going to be the ongoing foundation of my maintenance and fitness routine.  If I was to do nothing other than CFN I think I would be content with that. But, as my body has changed, I am feeling more excited about engaging in… pretty much, anything.  
Going to the playground with my boy now is like... honestly, being in our box.  Crossfit reminds me in some ways of being back in PE class!  There is a little of everything. Playgrounds are for adults too!  Get it!  
Anything else?  
I’d like to see Ryan put up climbing holds throughout the gym.  That would be sweet. Also, a CFN seminar series on stand up paddle boarding and surfing would be wicked.