1.  No wood boxes under the pull-up rig.
2.  Limit PR’s to only 10 pounds more than your previous PR.
3.  No hand-chalk to mark rounds or reps...keep hand-chalk in check!
4.  No regular chalk on floor...don’t write rounds or reps on floor.
5.  If you make a mess with sweat/chalk/gear/your kids; please clean up.  Ask trainers where cleaning stuff is.
6.  Don’t wear your lawn-mowing or trail running shoes to wod in the box.
7.  Show up on time.
8.  If you’re gonna sign up for classes, do your best to show up for those classes...otherwise take your name off the list.
9.  Respect your trainers; we’re here to help you!
10.  Leave your ego at the door.  This work can be humbling, and ego is often the biggest roadblock toward progress.
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