About CrossFit Newport

Welcome to CrossFit Newport!    

Our goal is to provide clients with high intensity workouts with lots of variety.  We strive to create an atmosphere that is safe, fun, and full of camaraderie.  

We welcome athletes (and athlete-wanna-be's!) from every background and fitness level.  Every workout can be modified to suit where you are; with a vision toward your personal goals.  

Our athletes start with a group warm-up, then progress to a time of learning or practicing techniques to enhance skills.  From there, we do the daily group work-out, which we call a WOD, Workout of the Day.  The WOD is timed, and meant to be performed at your personal best pace possible.  

If you're a Newport, Oregon resident, or if you live in the surrounding area, such as Toledo, Depot Bay, Lincoln City, Waldport, Siletz, Seal Rock, or Otter Rock, please stop by and check us out.  Your first workout is free!  Call for times.  

If you're in the area visiting for work or vacation, we have great drop-in rates for a day or a week!

What is CrossFit Newport?


CrossFit is an innovative approach to fitness that encompasses several different types of athleticism; including cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, weight lifting, and gymnastics to name a few.

Each CrossFit athlete has different goals, but one common thread is that we seek to be physically prepared for whatever life throws at us. Our training is constantly varied; and that is one way we strive to prepare our athletes to perform well at work, at home, and in their chosen recreational activities.


The movements we perform are to strengthen our athletes as whole persons, not just specific muscles or muscle groups. Emphasis is often put on maintaining core stability or core strength, because in “real life,” and in your sports of choice, the movements we do all involve the core muscle groups; meaning the stomach, back, hips, butt and pelvic muscles.


High intensity is different for every athlete at every different season of his or her life.  Every workout can be adjusted to meet your needs; with a focus on your personal fitness goals. One of the best things about CrossFit is the quantifiable way you will be able to chart and monitor your growth; how your “high intensity” of 6 months ago was blown out of the water by today’s personal records.


One of the best parts about CrossFit is the community that is created in our group classes. You will meet others with similar interests, from a vast array of backgrounds. Fellow athletes will cheer you on when you are struggling through a tough set of exercises, and vice versa. CrossFit Newport wants to be so much more that just another item on your “to-do” list, we want to be a community of people investing in each other to mutually improve the quality of life and quantity of healthy years lived in these bodies. We want to see our members spur each other on to reach down deep and tap into their inner reserves of strength; iron sharpening iron.


When you join CrossFit, your workout will be scheduled group classes taught by a certified CrossFit trainer, you will be taught to how to safely and effectively perform various movements. Class sizes are limited, so you will always have a one-on-one attention from your trainer. Your personal trainer will provide you with ways to maximize your results and make your lifestyle and fitness goals achievable.  


Each day you workout, you will have results to record here on the website. It is a great tool to post your times, scores, personal records, 'shout-out's' to other members ('Good job today Tim!)  and more. This is one of the many ways we will be monitoring your growth in your personal fitness journey. Another way we do this is the 'benchmark workouts'. These are standard, periodic workouts created with the intent for you and your trainer to see how you are progressing. These workouts are named and have the same exercises every time you do them, but what will be different is your abilities! Your first 'baseline' will have a certain time, your next baseline you'll try your best to beat your first time, and so on.

The emphasis in CrossFit is increasing your ability to perform functional movements for longer and longer times durations with increased efficiency. What does this mean? That's different for each athlete. For one, it means no back pain at the end of the day when you had to put your toddler in and out of the car 200 times. For another it means being able to install those new planter beds in one day rather than two days. For another, it means being able to get  through a day of a physically taxing work with vigor and energy left to spare.  


At CrossFit Newport, we view each athlete as a whole person. Your trainer will consider your background, any injuries you might have, your age, your diet, your goals and more when training you and customize your workouts based on these considerations. Working out is just one facet of health, nutrition is another important aspect. Nutritional counseling will be a part of your membership dues. We will regularly have nutrition classes and nutrition 'challenges' to help us get motivated to make healthy food choices.  Our preferred models for healthy eating are the Paleo diet, Zone diet, and the Low Glycemic diet.  Basically, lots of garden veggies, a variety of meats, seeds, nuts, some fruit, no or very little sugar and refined carbohydrates.


CrossFit Newport acclimates new members through a series of 6 classes.  These 6 classes lay the foundation for a great, rewarding experience as an athlete at our gym.  In the FOUNDATION program, we teach fundamental movements to new members. The focus is on safety, form, and mechanics.  

In these FOUNDATION classes, the intensity, duration of the workouts, and volume of exercise is scaled back from the normal classes in order to emphasize focus on form and mechanics. When you transition into the regular classes, you will notice a slight increase in load and intensity.

In our FOUNDATION program, a primary trainer will be assigned to you as your personal.  He or she will coordinate appointment times to get you through the 6 classes ideally in two weeks; or more if needed.

Your trainer may feel you need to cycle through the FOUNDATIONS classes a few times to get the basic flexibility and/or cardiovascular capacity needed to take it to the next level.

After graduating our FOUNDATIONS classes, or if you already have CrossFit experience, you begin regular classes. Regular classes make up the bulk of our weekly class offerings. We highly encourage each member to record their daily times and/or numbers through the website; so we can chart our growth together. Another benefit is knowing where you are at (weight on lifts, max reps, etc.) on certain lifts and exercises.


CrossFit workouts are composed of different exercises, combined in different ways, in different time frames, and in different loads.  Here's a few of the moves you'll learn and practice at CrossFit:

Squats: air squat, front squat, overhead squat, back squat
Presses: shoulder press, push press, push jerk, split jerk, bench press
Deadlifts: deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull
Kettlebell: swings, snatches, goblet squat, turkish getup, kettlebell overhead squat, carries  
Cleans: med ball clean, power clean, squat clean, hanging clean
Clean and jerk
Medicine ball: wall ball shots, burden carry, situps
Pullups: strict, with band/box/rings, kipping, chest­-to­-bar, butterfly
Handstand push­ups
Rope Climbs
Muscle ups
Sit ups
Jumps: box, broad, high
Jump Rope: single, double unders