Getting Started: Foundation Program


SIX FUNDAMENTAL CLASSES   CrossFit Newport acclimates new members through a series of 6 classes.  These 6 classes lay the foundation for a great, rewarding experience as an athlete at our gym.  In the FOUNDATION program, we teach fundamental moves to new members. The focus is on safety, form, and mechanics.  

FOCUS ON FORM   In these foundation classes, the intensity, duration of the workouts, and volume of exercise is scaled back from the normal classes in order to emphasize focus on form and mechanics. When you transition into the regular classes, you will notice an slight increase in load and intensity.

PERSONAL TRAINING   All our new members are assigned a trainer for their foundation classes.  You and your trainer will coordinate to set appointments for the six foundation classes.  Ideally, we like you to complete the six foundation classes in two weeks.  Sometimes, it might take three or more depending on your fitness level, your flexibility, your schedule, and other factors.  

ACCLIMATING TRANSITION   The trainers will help you learn how to scale back workouts, when you should make things more challenging, and give you feedback on your form and mechanics of the moves.