At Home Workout

Wed, Mar 11

Most Recent Benchmark:
Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (557 days ago)
Metcon: 181130New you class 2


Metcon: Reps-Rx3
Warm up:

Overhead squat
Review movement. Discuss points of performance. Acclimate to the movement find proper working loads.

AMRAP 13min of 6x overhead squat (up to 95#/65#) + 6x burpee over bar + 12x double unders + 3x muscle ups

S1:(reduced option)
AMRAP 9min of 6x overhead squat (up to 15# barbell) + 6x burpee over bar + 10x double unders or 25x singles

S2:(Further reduced option)
AMRAP 7min of 6x front squat (8# DBs) + 6x burpees + 6x tuck jumps

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TodayAll Time

Pete F6+0  Strict pull-ups
Randall5+9 Rx MU on rings
Patti6+11  45#, pull ups strict (thin blue band)
Ryley5+6  65# ohs, strict pull-ups
Bo8+9  dips ( the rest RX)
Quimby5+9  55#, 5Double struggles, mostly C2B
Bryan7+6  1 mu per rd
Matt T6+12  35# OHS, Banded Pull Ups and ring dips, 24 single unders
Rogan6+6 Rx
Thera6+16  55 ohs, kipping pull-ups
Julie G thin blue band pu for mu
Jo6+3  35#, dubs singles mixed, strict pu blk bnd
Sarah Yar5 +18  Strict pull ups/dips/dips with red band for muscle up. Everything else RX
Paul R5+25 Rx chicken wing buffet
Katrina T 35#, singles, banded c2b, banded dips
Cathy4 +6  Warm up bar ohs/snuggle dus/black band strict pu
Trista5 + 12  35# OHS, PU instead of muscle ups

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