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Sat, Feb 1

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Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (510 days ago)
171208 - Saturday Morning ThrowdownOther Posted Results

171208 - Saturday Morning Throwdown

For time:
Partner WOD,

Athletes run together and then complete each station one at a time before advancing

Run 400m
40x Back squat (85#/55#, keep same load throughout)
40x Front squat
40x Overhead squat
Run 400m
40x Shoulder press
40x Push press
40x Push jerk
Run 400m
40x Hang power clean
40x Hang power snatch
Run 400m

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Paul R21:57 Rx partner with Thera Reilly
Thera21:57 Rx partner husband Paul
Debbie19:42  20 reps each @ 55#, 2:00 DU instead of run

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