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Thu, Jan 30

Most Recent Benchmark:
Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (510 days ago)


20 minute time cap, so scale wisely (see recommendations below.) An estimated score will be 14-18 minutes.

For time:
Row 500m
20x Pull-ups
30x Box jumps (24/20')
40x Wall Balls (20#14#)
Row 500m
20x Toes to bar
30x Walking lunge steps
40x Jumping jacks
Row 500m
5x bar muscle ups
30x air squats
40x dumbbell pushpress, 50/35#

Scale rows to 400 meters
change rep scheme from 20/30/40 to 10/20/30

Scale rows to 300 meters
change rep scheme to 10/20/30

0% 0%
1stDNF 230 REPSPatti Thu, Jan 30, 2020
2nd15:45Sarah Yar Thu, Jan 30, 2020
3rd15:50Tarrah Thu, Jan 30, 2020
1stDNF @230 REPS Enrique Thu, Jan 30, 2020
2nd17:14 Luke F Thu, Jan 30, 2020

Kelly B19:38  S1 20#db, blue band pu
EnriqueDNF @230 REPS Rx 15 double DBPP
PattiDNF 230 REPS  blue band pu
Sarah Yar15:45  row 300, 10,20,30. box step ups.
Debbie15:55  400 run, 10,20,30, BJ
Julie G17:42  S1, #8WB, #15DBP, blk bnd ,
Luke F17:14 Rx
Tarrah15:50  S1
Britney19:30  400m, black band pull up;
Jillian DDNF  22min everything rx but row @400 m
Noelle20:05  400m row, 10#wb, mod MU on rings, 20#PP, RX reps

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