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Tue, Jan 28

Most Recent Benchmark:
Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (510 days ago)


Cardio: Time
Warm-up/WOD prep:

2 rounds of 40 sec work/20 seconds transition:

1. jumprope: side straddle (feet in then out)
2. abs: hollow rock
3. jumprope: forward straddle (scissor)
4. abs: mountain climber
5. jumprope: skier (left/right)
6. abs: Leg lifts
7. jumprope: alternate foot step
8. abs: russian twist


Annie for time.
Double unders
Ab mat sit ups

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Kelly B11:07 Rx
Josh B10:15  singles (x3)
Enrique6:49 Rx 14:50 backwards
Patti8:49 Rx
Bo7:56  singles
Christi7:23 Rx
Tarrah6:50 Rx
Paul R6:53 Rx
Thera8:33 Rx
Noelle7:41 Rx
Crystal Fre7:38 Rx
Julie G7:22  singles
Pete F9:17 Rx
Rogan6:49 Rx
Jo9:12  singles
Seanna6:39 Rx
Elizabeth9:30  Singles sub for doble under
Jillian D5:48  Mod sit-ups with 44 lb Russian swings
Chloe J11:04 Rx
Trista8:50  1/2 du, 1/2 singles
Tarrah 8:54pm

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