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Tue, Jan 14

Most Recent Benchmark:
Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (521 days ago)


Chipper,Metcon: Time
Airsquat form and technique, paying special attention to:
--Lumbar curve maintained throughout
--Full depth
--Mature squat (shoulders down and up; rather than forward and down)

WOD: Laredo
6 Rounds for time.
24x Squats
24x Push-ups
24 Walking lunges steps
run 400m (or row 500)

5 Rounds for time.
18x Squats
18x Push-ups
18x Walking lunges steps
run 400m (or row 500)

4 Rounds for time.
12x Squats
12x Push-ups
12x Walking lunges steps
run 200 (or row 250)

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Enrique25:29 Rx
Patti32:11 Rx
Josh B29:58 Rx
Sarah Yar28:54 Rx
Thera31:50 Rx
Christi28:09 Rx Run
Rogan22:33 Rx
Shelagh21:10  x12 reps and 6 rounds 400m run
Paul R26:11 Rx Treadmill for run
Jo29:34  knees last 3 rounds
Pete F26:32 Rx
Julie G26:54  18 reps, mod PU
Matt T28:02  8 rounds of S2
Chloe J30:02  knee PU
Katrina T17:56  5 Rds S2 mod
Crystal Fre29:36  24reps/6rds/knee pu’s/ run
Seanna28:20 mod push ups/row  Mod PU, row
Tarrah 5:47pm

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