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Mon, Dec 23 2019

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Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (517 days ago)


Squat Jerk: technique and form
Add weight only if form allows.

Row for calories
jerk 155/85#

We are looking for the jerks to be linked.
Not dropping bar unless you have to. The eccentric part of the jerk is the main stimulus here. Load appropriately.

Also, airdyn bike can be subbed for row. 3 strokes=1 calorie on rower

0% 0%
1st18:35 Mercedes Mon, Dec 23, 2019
2nd24:26 Sarah Yar Mon, Dec 23, 2019
3rd18:15Crystal Fre Mon, Dec 23, 2019
1st14:38 Luke F Mon, Dec 23, 2019
2nd17:03 Randall Mon, Dec 23, 2019
3rd26:17 Paul R Mon, Dec 23, 2019

Randall17:03 Rx
Enrique18:02  95#/ all 200m run
Patti23:50  55# Strict banded pu
Sarah Yag19:39  #85 for the first 5 then had to go down to #75
Paul R26:17 Rx
Cathy21:57  85#/black,red,blue band strict pu
Rob W13:38  95#
Dustin14:52  65#
Luke F14:38 Rx
Rogan16:04  135#
Mercedes18:35 Rx Skill Squat Jerk 65#
Ryley14:06  115#
Sarah Yar24:26 Rx
Crystal Fre18:15  Rx except 75# PJ
Mark15:23  125#/rows
Jo19:12  45#, black bnd
Tarrah 4:28pm

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