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Thu, Dec 12 2019

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Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (510 days ago)
Max: 170712OLY: 191212 OLYOther Posted Results


Max: Reps

1 Mile run for time.  Must be the Murph mile.  Post your score to your personal profile.  (If you don't know how...ask a trainer!)


Gymnastic totals

Add total seconds plus reps to get your total.  

Athletes can partner up and time each other if needed; if trainer decides to do it that way.

--Handstand holds (how many seconds you can hold a handstand...trainers, use a stopwatch)
--L-sits (how many seconds you can hold L-sit; stop watch timed)
--bar hangs (how many seconds you can hold onto the bar, stop watch timed)
--unbroken push-ups
--unbroken sit-ups
--max unbroken muscle-ups

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TodayAll Time

Enrique586 Rx skill: 7:35 20# vest
Sarah Yag292 Rx
Sarah Yar708 Rx HSH(not on wall): 2 secs, L-sit: 15sec, BarHold: 78sec, UPU: 13, USU: 600, Mus-up: 0, Skill: 9:13 w/vest
Thera750 Rx no mups mile 9:22
Luke F743 Rx 5 HSH, 38 LS, 67 BH, 38 PU, 599 SU, 4 MU

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