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Mon, Dec 9 2019

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Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (518 days ago)


Athlete choice:  Partner WOD or by yourself.


AS PARTNERS: divide time in HALF for score.

20 med ball over-the-box situps, 20/14# med ball, 20' box
400 meter burden run (the box is the burden)
40 alternating partner box jumps, 24/20'

15 med wall ball situps (hit wall at 40' or higher) 20/14#
400 meter burden run, 35/25# plate
30 box jumps 24/20'

Trainer note:  in the med ball situps over the box, partners are sitting up, tossing ball over the box to their partner.

0% 0%
1st8:37 Cathy Mon, Dec 9, 2019
2nd14:11 Sarah Yar Mon, Dec 9, 2019
3rd17:15 Patti Mon, Dec 9, 2019
1st6:47 Ryley Mon, Dec 9, 2019
Enrique Mon, Dec 9, 2019
2nd7:05 Dustin Mon, Dec 9, 2019
3rd7:38 Pete F Mon, Dec 9, 2019
Randall Mon, Dec 9, 2019

Enrique6:47 Rx 13.34total
Randall7:38 Rx
Ryley6:47 Rx 13:34 partner Enrique
Bryan15:26 Rx solo
Patti17:15 Rx 20# wb
Clayton S17:15 Rx
Pete F7:38 Rx W/ Randall (15:05 total)
Sarah Yag13:10  200 M #25
Sarah Yar14:11 Rx No partner
Chris M8:37 Rx 17:14 w/ Cathy
Cathy8:37 Rx 17:14 w/Chris
Dustin7:05 Rx
Rogan14:19 Rx SOLO
Jo9:16  18:32 w/Tarrah, step ups, bailed on the box, switched to 10# plate. Tarrah did rx.
Cathy 1:57pm
Chris - our team time was 17:14
Cathy 1:59pm
Thanks for a fun team workout and adding that 10# plate to the last run.

Chris M 7:54pm

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