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Tue, Jan 15 2019

Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 4:30pm 2019 Crossfit open: Event, Potluck, Overall good times.
Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 8:00am 2019 Fall Thrasher!: Come compete or cheer on your CFN friends! Boys and Girls Club, Lebanon, 8am-5pm
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Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (517 days ago)

14008 2.0

Max,Metcon: Reps
Trainer lead warm up:

Progressively acclimate for the movements of the shoulder to overhead. Work up to, and find proper WOD weights. Scale up or down as needed.

1.) AMRAP for 20 min.
Run 400m
MEs2oh 135/115 (Max effort shoulder to overhead)
The MEs2oh you can only rest in the rack position or overhead as soon as you break you have to run score will be based on number of s2oh.
Rowing can also be substituted. Row 400m

5min rest

2.) 1:00 min of plank holds
:30 v-ups
1:00 plank holds
:30 v-ups
1:00 plank holds
:30 supermans


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Patti90  55#
Enrique75  95#
Cady90  55#
Kelly B82  55#
Josh B80  95
Luke F107 Rx
Brooke60  #65
Sarah Yag61  #65
Seanna12 Rx
Tarrah91  65#
Casey F67  #65
Scott G57 Rx
Rogan64 Rx
Kimberly K62  75#
Jo44  55#
Paul R49 Rx 6 runs
Derek W71 Rx
Megan70  #75
Cristy70  #75
Boz72  65

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