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Wed, Jan 9 2019

Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 4:30pm 2019 Crossfit open: Event, Potluck, Overall good times.
Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 8:00am 2019 Fall Thrasher!: Come compete or cheer on your CFN friends! Boys and Girls Club, Lebanon, 8am-5pm
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16024 Open WOD 16.2


Skill: Find a Heavy squat clean for the day.

Crossfit open WOD 16.2
25x toes to bar.
50x DUs
15x squat cleans (135#/95#)
In 4 minutes
If completed, then
25x toes to bar
50x DUS
13x squat cleans (185#/135#)
In 4 minutes
If completed,  then
25x toes to bar.
50x DUS
13x squat cleans (225#/155#)

-a great way to make this fun scaled workout for folks is converting this to an amrap style workout and going light.
-hanging knee raises
-single jump roping
-kettle bell or dumbbell squat cleans

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Enrique165 Rx
Ryley115#  dnf
PattiNS  NS
AndyAwesome  Sauce
IsaiahNS  NS
Luke WNS  NS
DallasAwesome  Sauce
Casey MilMOD  WOD
Mark167 PR Rx
Sarah Yag90  Mod
Christi83  T2b/k2e, 85#
Kimberly84  65#, 150 Singles
Scott G83 Rx+
Britney378  V-Ups, 150Singles, 55# (2-rnds 8 min)
Derek W172 Rx
Cathy167  K2C/du with singles/65#

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