Most Recent Benchmark WOD was Baseline on Sep 9,2016 (532 days ago)

Friday Feb 23,2018

18.1 - OPEN

8x Toes 2 Bar
10x Dumbbell C&J (50/35)
14 Cal Row

0% 0%
1st214 Casey F Today!
2nd210 Christi Today!
3rd168 Tarrah Today!
1st332 Luke Today!
2nd244 Chris M Today!
3rd231 Rogan Today!

Enrique212 reps (6+20) Rx
CadyNS  NS
RyleyNS  NS
Jennifer Ra224 reps (7 rds)  hanging knee raise, #20 dumbell
Clyde120  20#
Ted224  35#, knees to bar
Mark226 Rx
Mercedes7+1  row & run 20#
Debbie251  scaled
Tina 20#
Araceli 20#
Rogan231 Rx
Jillian D6+18  scaled T2B
Penny264  s1 8rds +8
Molly264  s1 7rds+8
Chris M244 Rx 7+20
Quimby295  Scaled
Luke332 Rx
Jo297  scaled
Tarrah168 Rx
Casey F214 Rx
Keith264  S1
Raysha224 20#  knee to bar
David7 1/2 reps  35 #DBs and Knee raises 14 cal rows
Leila6+27  20#DB,knee raises
Martha6 + 5  12cal, kn/b, 15lb
Christi210 Rx
Results Posted: 27
Deb5:30pm...3 2 1 GO!
Mark 9:34am
I will be there at noon to help judge if need be

Tarrah 10:37am
Cool!  Thanks Mark!