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Friday Jul 20,2018

Welcome Paul R
Metcon: 180720Metcon: 180720/SHRED


Metcon: Time
Warm up:

8 Rounds for Time with a 45 min cap.

13 Deadlifts (185lb/125lb)

17 Wall Balls (20lb/14lb)

400m run

There’s some symbolism here:

The Saman Hero WOD will include running 3.2 kilometers — the distance the boys and their coaches were into the cave. Each round will include 13 deadlifts, representing the 13 people that Saman gave his life to rescue, and 17 wall ball repetitions, representing their 17 days underground.

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1st36:35 Debbie Today!
2nd37:37Kylie Today!
3rd37:42Crystal F Today!
1st31:30 Enrique Today!
2nd34:45 Derek W Today!
3rd36:26 Ryan Today!

Martha V44:39  dl85#/wb8#
Derek W34:45 Rx
Paul R37:00  85#, 10#wb
Enrique31:30 Rx
Ryley37:35 Rx
Ryan36:26 Rx
Mark35:10  135#dl/14wb
Debbie36:35 Rx 135# DL
Tarrah42:38  115#/10#WB
Kylie37:37  8 rds, 80# DL, 14#WB
Crystal F37:42  115# DL / 10#WB - 8rds
Boz42:50  135#/14#
Cathy40:23  8 rds 65#DL/10#WB/200M Run/200M row
Bo43:17 Rx
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Sarah Y12:00pm...3 2 1 GO!