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Most Recent Benchmark was Baseline on Sep 25,2018 (151 days ago)

012718 SHRED (Time)
Part 1 Lite Fran

Goblet Squats

Part 2

5 rounds
Run 100m
10x Burpees
10x Push-ups
10x Mountain Climbers
10x Sit ups
10x Prisoner Squats
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1st13:30Kylie Thu,Feb 22,2018
2nd18:28Jillian D Thu,Feb 22,2018
3rd19:55Leila Thu,Feb 22,2018
1st16:49 Enrique Thu,Feb 22,2018
2nd19:12Bo Thu,Feb 22,2018
03/24/14 Metcon (Time) Metcon
Warm up:

Group stretch

Double unders
6 min.

15min amrap
10x SDHP 75/65
10x Med ball clean (20#/14#)
10x Air squat  
25x Sit-ups
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1st4 + 23 Kimberly Tue,Oct 6,2015
2nd4+39 Seanna Tue,Oct 6,2015
3rd6:24 Tarrah Mon,Mar 24,2014
04/05/14 Sat intro WOD (Rounds) Cardio
Warm up:
400m run
Butt kicks
high knees  
10 pushups
10 sit-ups
25 mountain climbers

Air squats

WOD: rounds and reps
10 pushups
10 sit-ups  
10 air squats
5 burpees
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Programmed: Sat,Apr 5,2014
04/08/14 Metcon/Revised 170405 (Time) Metcon
Warm up:

500m row for time.

3 rounds for time.
25x Wall ball shots (20#/14#)
25x Box jumps (24'/20')
25x Dead lifts (185#/155#)
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1st17:58 Kimberly Wed,Apr 5,2017
2nd21:31 Tarrah Wed,Dec 13,2017
3rd22:41 Cristy Thu,Apr 19,2018
1st13:42 Zack Wed,Apr 5,2017
2nd13:46 Chris M Wed,Apr 5,2017
3rd15:07 Derek W Wed,Apr 5,2017
04/21/14 (Time) Metcon

Skill: max front squat.
review and mechanics

WOD: 3 Rounds for time.
10 burpees
15 box jumps 24/30
20 wall ball shots 14/20
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1st7:57 Kimberly Thu,Apr 13,2017
2nd9:47 Debbie Thu,Apr 13,2017
3rd11:16 Tarrah Mon,Apr 21,2014
04/22/2014 Scaled (Time-Rx2)
Warm up:

High knees from rolling door to opposite wall and back
Butt kicks from door to wall and back
25 flutter kicks
Walking lunges from rolling door to opposite wall and back
Group stretch


Hand stand.  Work on personal best.


1500 m row
400 m run
1 scaled rope climb
25 kettlebell swings 18/25
400 m run
1 scaled rope climb
25 knees to elbows
400 m run
1 rope climb
25 sit-ups
400 m run
1 scaled rope climb

In this WOD, the first athlete starts at zero on the clock.  As soon as the first athlete completes their row, the second athlete starts.  The second athlete subtracts their start time from their end time and so on.
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04/24/14 (Time)

Clean and jerk review

30 clean and jerks for time 135/ 95

Mobility stretch foam roll.
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1st10:26 Tarrah Thu,Apr 24,2014
2nd9:58Jillian D Thu,Apr 24,2014
1st4:28 Ryan Thu,Apr 24,2014
2nd7:44Boz Thu,Jan 26,2017
3rd8:30 ON RAMPChris M Thu,Apr 24,2014
04/25/14 (Time) Cardio
Warm up:

400 m run
high knees up and back
butt kicks up and back
lunges up
5 inchworms


'Phantom Fran'

21-15-9 Thrusters/pullups

reps done with bands/light weight
Purpose is to get 'the feel' of Fran
Can be done even with a pvc pipe, just to go thru motions of Fran


3 rounds for time of--

800 meter run
10 Turkish getups 53/35
5 burpees
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Programmed: Fri,Apr 25,2014
07112017 (Rounds) Metcon

3 rounds not for time:
10 pvc ohs
10 sit-ups
10 hollow rocks
20 jumping jacks


400m med ball run 14/20
10 T2B
10 ring dips

In this WOD if the med ball is set on the ground outside of the box 50 burpees must be done on the spot!  (In other words, don't drop the med balls outside.)
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1st5+runKimberly Tue,Jul 11,2017
2nd4Casey F Tue,Jul 11,2017
1st4 Derek W Tue,Jul 11,2017
2nd4+1Zack Tue,Jul 11,2017
07122017 (Reps) Max

1 Mile run for time.  Must be the Murph mile.  Post your score to your personal profile.  (If you don't know how...ask a trainer!)


Gymnastic totals

Add total seconds plus reps to get your total.  

Athletes can partner up and time each other if needed; if trainer decides to do it that way.

--Handstand holds (how many seconds you can hold a handstand...trainers, use a stopwatch)
--L-sits (how many seconds you can hold L-sit; stop watch timed)
--bar hangs (how many seconds you can hold onto the bar, stop watch timed)
--unbroken push-ups
--unbroken sit-ups
--max unbroken muscle-ups
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1st365Quimby Wed,Jul 12,2017
2nd236 s2Leila Wed,Jul 12,2017
1st828 Mark Wed,Jul 12,2017
2nd387 Derek W Wed,Jul 12,2017
3rd363Enrique Wed,Jul 12,2017