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Friday, Jul 5

Gymversary Annika-1


Metcon: Time

Clean and Jerk progression/warm-up

Lucky number Slevin

7 rounds for time
7x Clean & jerks (115#/75#)
7x Pull-ups
7x Push-ups

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Sarah Yar19:03 Rx 75#
Rob W18:59  75#, BLACK/GREEN BAND
Jillian D12:41 Rx
Brooke15:50  65# black banded pullups
Josh L19:50 Rx Slow and steady
Bo15:37 Rx
Cathy13:59  75#/jumping pu/knee pu
Noelle13:25  65#
Enrique12:47 Rx
Carl20  5@#115 1@75# 1 round of pull ups at 5 not 7 Extra pushups
Trista19:58  75#, green band, knee pu
Kacey16:55  35 lbs C&J, grey band pull ups, half knee push ups
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Tarrah 7:10pm

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