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Wednesday, Jul 3

Oly was so fun!!  Thanks for coming you guys!!

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10 minutes, for total max reps:

Start at 5x reps for each movement.
Contnue adding 5 reps each successive round until time expires.

Front squat (95#/65#)
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

0% 0%
1st129 Jillian D Wed, Jul 3, 2019
2nd132Patti Wed, Jul 3, 2019
3rd123Cady Wed, Jul 3, 2019
1st153 Enrique Wed, Jul 3, 2019
2nd133 Rogan Wed, Jul 3, 2019
3rd120 Ryley Wed, Jul 3, 2019

Cady123  55# jumping PU
Enrique153 Rx
Pete F110 Rx
Paul R83 Rx
Ryley120 Rx
Britney96  Blue half PUs -55#
Sarah Yar88  65# FS, Greenband chest2bar
Jillian D129 Rx
Patti132  45#, chest to bar off box
Casey F45  butterfly c2b lots of no reps/#65
Boz95  75#/mod PU
Jo115  45#, jumping C2B
Rogan133 Rx
Cathy100  65# / black band c2b
Scott G108 Rx
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