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Mon, Jul 1

Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 8:00am 2019 Fall Thrasher!: Come compete or cheer on your CFN friends! Boys and Girls Club, Lebanon, 8am-5pm
Most Recent Benchmark:
Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (414 days ago)


For time:

Run 800m
30x GHD back extensions
30x med-ball sit-ups, 20/14#
30x Burpees
30x Knees to elbows
30x Box jumps
30x Push-ups

100% 0%
1st13:54 Noelle Mon, Jul 1, 2019
2nd14:25Patti Mon, Jul 1, 2019
3rd15:00Britney Mon, Jul 1, 2019
1st12:22 Ryley Mon, Jul 1, 2019
2nd12:48 Chris M Mon, Jul 1, 2019
3rd13:16 Enrique Mon, Jul 1, 2019

Enrique13:16 Rx Toes to bar
Pete F16:48 Rx
Andy14:33  mod PU, K2E
Patti14:25  Mod push ups/k2c
Sarah Yag15:26  banded push up, mod hanging crunch
Sarah Yar16:40  Knee ups.
Quimby16:20  mod PU, Knee to chest
Chris M12:48 Rx
Cathy17:55  Mod pu box/k2c
Tina17:00  400, mod pu, k2c
Britney15:00  Superman;boxPU
Scott G13:20 Rx 25# med ball/plate
Noelle13:54 Rx
Rob W14:12  KNEE RAISE
Chloe J16:17  Knee PU, Superman, knee ups
Ryley12:22 Rx
Jo18:01  Mod pu, knee ups
Boz16:24  Mod
Elizabeth15:35  Súperman for GHD back extensions/ mod knees to elbows/ mod p ups
Tarrah 7:56pm

710 NE 3rd St, Ste B, Newport, OR 97365 (view larger map)