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Tue, Jun 4

Happy Birthday Cristy
Most Recent Benchmark:
Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (358 days ago)


Chipper: Time
For time with a 25min cap.
60x Sit-ups
50x Box jumps (24#/20#)
40x Wall ball shots (20#/14#)
30x Ring dips
20x KB sumo high pulls (64#/53#)
10x Pistols
5x Handstand push-ups
2x Rope Climbs

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TodayAll Time

Pete F14:50  dips with green bands / 2 kinda half rope climbs
Josh B13:40  red band dips, 64#kb, banded pistols, partial HSPU
Kelly B15:04  24ā€¯bsteps, 35#kb, green b and, box pistols, partial hspu
Enrique15:04 Rx
Martha V17:13  step ups/8#wb/box dips/20#kb/squats/bhsp
Luke F9:16 Rx
Casey F15:12  step up/ red band dips
Debbie18:30  1 mat HSPU, red band ring dips
Christi12:20  Deload. 10# wb, gr. Band dip, 35# kb, box hspu
Sarah Yar18:28  35# SDHP, red band dips,
Rogan13:43 Rx PR
Julie G15:55  #44KBHP, #8WB, 10SU, mod dips &HSPU
Crystal F12:56  Step ups/35#kb/10#wb/box hspu/green band dips/ mod box pistols x20
Jo17:34  8#wb, 26#kb, mod pistols, mod ring dips
Clyde18:42  banded dips-2matHSP-53lbsKB
Kacey20:15  8 lb wall ball, green band rings, box headstand pushes, modified rope
Derek W13:24 Rx
Oli18:30  Box dips, box pistols
Chloe J15:30  10#WB, box dips, 35# KB, PU
Trista17:10  Green band dips, box HSPU
Casey F 12:50pm
Happy birthday Cristy!

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