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Friday May 31,2019

Happy Birthday Trista
Happy birthday, Trista!!

Derek W
Happy Birthday Trista!

Cardio: 14016/ SHREDOther Posted Results

14016/ SHRED

Cardio: Rounds

1 round for time
50x Wall balls (20#/14#)
50x Weighted sit ups (35#/25#)
50x Lateral med ball jump overs
Remember to scale back on the reps if needed.
Every minute on the minute for 13 minutes
7x Squat jumps
7x Sprawl
7x Push-ups
7x Sit-ups

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Kelly B10  knee PU; skill 6:39, ball hop overs
Josh B12  5:46, 20#WB, 25#plate
Ted13  20lb,
Patti12 Rx Skill 6:50 RX
Pete F13  5reps per rd / skill 7:08 w/ #14 ball and 25# plate
Enrique regular burpes/amrap
Blake10  Skill-8:20, 5 rep EMOM
Sarah Yar12  5 reps on PU halfway through. Skill RX 7:50
Sarah Yag11  6 rx 5 knee pushups skill 7:40 rx
Leila12  4reps, knee PU, skill 10:48
Chris M13 Rx
Rogan13 Rx Skill 6:15
Quimby13  mod push ups, 6:30 10# WB,15# plate
Annika10  knee PU, 8:55 8#WB, 10# plate
Oli9 rounds  5 rounds @ 7reps and 4 @5reps skill: 7:50
Boz10  2 rnds of 7 reps & 8 rnds of 5 reps w/ modPU, skill 6:28 14#/25# & 50 reps of each
Cathy13  Mountain climbers for sprawls/knee pu, skill 6:40 (10#wb/25#situps
Results Posted: 17
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