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Wednesday May 29,2019

Happy Birthday Cathy


Metcon: Reps
General warmup:

A. Every :30 for 4-minutes complete:

5 Deadlifts @ 70% of your 1RM (acclimate up first!!!)

*lift at the top of every :30 and rest the remainder. Make sure if 70% is too heavy that you scale appropriately. Keep good form!

B. AMRAP 12-minutes

10x Burpees
15x Wall Balls (20/14)
40x DU's

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TodayAll Time

Enrique4+35 Rx
Pete FRx Skill: 225#
Patti3+38 Rx Skill 125# DL 8rds
Josh BRx
CeCe3 RD  modified
Sarah Yag3+26 Rx #130 DL
Sarah Yar Skill: 115 DU&Singles
Kyle R 60 SUs
Leila skill 85#
Jo3+55  10#wb, struggle unders
Casey F3 rd  20 GHD sub dus #135 DL
Luke F5+13 Rx
Rogan5+0 Rx 205# DL
Oli4 + 9 Skill 155  15lbs WB, mostly singles
Maria T3+17  Skill: 135 14# wb mostly singles
Derek W5 + 4 Rx
Tina3+22  10#wb, singles
Boz3+15  20# wb & singles; skill 185#
Cathy2+31 (PR) Rx Struggle du lots of singles. Skill 195#DL x5
Chloe J2+6 Rx 145# DL
Seanna4 + 39 Rx 145# 8 rds
Julie G4+2  du struggles, #14wb, #145 skill
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