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Tue, May 7

Derek W May 13, 2019
Tarrah May 13, 2019
Luke F May 14, 2019
Luke F May 17, 2019
Tarrah May 31, 2019
Derek W May 31, 2019
Luke F Jun 17, 2019
Luke F Jun 27, 2019
Tarrah Jul 3, 2019
Luke F Jul 19, 2019
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Welcome Nicole C
Most Recent Benchmark:
Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (326 days ago)


Metcon: Time

A. Skill:
1 arm kettle bell overhead Squats
Form and mechanics

1 round
Row 500m
100x Squats
Row 400m
75x push-press (empty bar)
Row 300m
50x Pull-ups
Row 200m
25x Burpees
Run if trainer needs.

C. If time allows 50 med ball sit up wall balls.

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Enrique20:36 Rx 20# vest
Mark22:42 Rx 20# vest/ (4) 400m runs
Kelly B25:40  row; green band
Ted19:00  8 banded
Josh B19:15 Rx
Thera24:22  Black band
Rob W24:13  black band x 5, rings x 45, time after med ball situps
Ryley15:24 Rx run: 4x400m
TarrahMod  Reduced all reps by 30%, 23:10
Blake25:04 Rx
Amber T24:21  mod Push up, purple band 4 pull up
Zack21:05 Rx
Sarah Yag22:27 Rx
Tina26:18 Rx Run instead of row
Christi20:03 Rx
Luke F12:32 Rx
Sarah Yar25:08  Green and blue band pull ups
Rogan16:23 Rx
Boz26:00  35#/black band
Crystal F22:45  Green band / all row
Julie G27:00  black band
Derek W17:59 Rx
Jo21:19  15# bar, blk band, run
Elizabeth25:30  Purple band all row
Jillian D15:00 Rx
Bo23:04 Rx
CeCe30:00  50% of all reps; completed all row/run; 40% of sit-ups (no med ball)
Nicole C Halfsies/modified
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