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Tuesday Apr 30,2019


(Today, the WOD is first, and the skill is second.  This is programmed this way so we will all be thoroughly warmed up for the muscle up work.)


For time:

400 m run
50 DU's
50 situps
20 DL 225/185
50 hollow rocks
50 DU's
400 m run


muscle up (bar and/or rings) progressions

0% 0%
1st10:02 Christi Tue,Apr 30,2019
2nd11:34 Tarrah Tue,Apr 30,2019
3rd14:18 Casey F Tue,Apr 30,2019
1st8:37 Luke F Tue,Apr 30,2019
2nd9:33 Scott G Tue,Apr 30,2019
3rd9:38 Enrique Tue,Apr 30,2019

Kelly B13:03  85#
Josh B11:40  65#DL, singles
Patti11:34  115# DL skill -Blk band muscle up
Enrique9:38 Rx
Mark11:52 Rx
Thera13:13  75#, singles, mod HR
Luke F8:37 Rx
Debbie15:08  RX plus DU struggles
Noah13:00  #75 DL singles
Sarah Yar14:33  90# DL mixed jump rope
Leila16:04  85#DL, 50singles,
Christi10:02 Rx
Pete F12:42  205#
Paul R11:45 Rx
Julie G13:05  #165DL, DUstruggles
Tarrah11:34 Rx
Bryan11:37  135lbDL
Rogan10:01 Rx
Jo13:56  mixed dubs/singles, 85#
Tina14:37  125#
Scott G9:33 Rx
Casey F14:18 Rx Spotter assisted ring MU
Rob W15:24  95# DL
Britney10:00  85#DL 50DU;100singles
Amber T15:49  Single unders
Sarah Yag13:45  #125
Chloe J14:05  145# DL, SU/DU
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Ryan 8:31pm

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