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Monday Mar 11,2019


Metcon: Rounds
General warm up:

Back squat
Working up to 70% of your 1 rep max.

Max rounds in 8 minutes (Score will not include reps)
5x Power clean (135#/95#)
5x Front squat
20x Double-unders

0% 0%
1st8 Seanna Mon,Mar 11,2019
2nd6 Tarrah Mon,Mar 11,2019
3rd4 Crystal F Mon,Mar 11,2019
1st7 Chris M Mon,Mar 11,2019
2nd6 Rogan Mon,Mar 11,2019
3rd5 Enrique Mon,Mar 11,2019

Patti 55#, 5+20
EnriqueRx skill:215#, 5+2
Kyle RThe  Dude
RyleyRx squat: 215#, 3+10
Casey Mil 95# l Singles l Skill: 165#
Scott GRx
Sarah Yag #75, 5+21 skill 115
Chris MRx (7+26)
TarrahRx 155 on BS, 6+3
Cathy 65#/10DU with singles Skill 155# BS 3x
Sarah Yar 35#, skill 125# x1, 2+5
QuimbyRx 95#, 2+13
Annika 35#, skill 85#3+5
Rhonda WUnknown  65#
Oli 85#, skill 145# 3+5
RoganRx skill 205#
Clyde 95LBS
Thera 55#, struggle unders
Paul RRx +10, 210 skill
Mercedes 85#
Jo 55#, 10 du's (every third jump)
Crystal FRx Skill #155
Kimberly 65#
Chloe J 75# skill 105#
Results Posted: 26
Mark 7:51am
Hey Tara or  Ryan. Have you guys validate the 19.3 scores yet?? Please don't forget to validate mine too. Thx
Luke F 8:06am
Luke here...they haven't got to it yet. They have until Tuesday at 5p to validate. We have to make sure we upload ours by 5p on Monday...I'm redoing 19.3 at 1:30p...:)

Mark 8:16am
I thought had to validate by Monday???

Ryan 8:21am
Athletes have to post scores by Monday at 5.  Affiliate managers have til Tues at 5 to validate.

Mark 8:58am
Ok thx for clarifying Ryan. Appreciate it

Casey F 1:00pm
We're just dying to see our scores over here 😂 am I the only one checking 5 times a day? 🤭
Luke F 4:03pm
I may or may not check 5 times a day...

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