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Friday Mar 8,2019

190308 open 19.3

Readiness: Reps
2019 Crossfit open 19.3

200 ft weighted lunge 50/35#
50 DB box step ups
50 strict HSPU
200 ft handstand walk

10 min time cap

Post score (number of reps)
Post tiebreak time to notes

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1st90 Kylie Fri,Mar 8,2019
Casey F Fri,Mar 8,2019
Quimby Fri,Mar 8,2019
Sarah Yag Fri,Mar 8,2019
Tarrah Fri,Mar 8,2019
2nd80 Jo Fri,Mar 8,2019
3rd70 reps Debbie Fri,Mar 8,2019
1st114 Chris M Fri,Mar 8,2019
2nd113 Luke F Fri,Mar 8,2019
3rd98 (thursday night) Scott G Fri,Mar 8,2019

Tarrah90 Rx 8:49
Sarah Yag90 Rx 9:51
Debbie70 reps Rx
Derek W94 Rx
Ryley92 Rx
Enrique90 Rx
Mark95 Rx
Quimby90 Rx 8:24
Kimberly80 Rx
Annika101  10#, box HSPU
Chris M114 Rx
Scott G98 (thursday night) Rx
Luke F113 Rx
Tina82  35# mod
Tiffany V #10 DB mod box pushup
Sarah Yar 12 lb db, box push ups
Casey F90 Rx 8:20
Boz70  50# front rack
Kylie90 Rx 9:21
Jo80 Rx
Paul R90 Rx 9:40
Patti165  20#, mod hspu, bear crawls
Kelly B100  20#
Josh B90 Rx
Leila76  mod
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