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Monday Jan 7,2019


Chipper,Metcon: Time
Wall Balls
:20 seconds of work  
:10 seconds of rest
8x rounds

For time
33x Push-ups
33x Box jumps (33''/24')
33x Hollow rocks
33x Burpees
33x Sit-ups
33x Broad jumps (width of mat)
33x Air squat

0% 0%
1st10:38 Christi Mon,Jan 7,2019
2nd11:46 Kimberly Mon,Jan 7,2019
3rd12:48 Mercedes Mon,Jan 7,2019
1st8:53 Derek W Mon,Jan 7,2019
2nd9:36 Rogan Mon,Jan 7,2019
3rd10:42 Scott G Mon,Jan 7,2019

Andy15:48  scaled push up
Patti16:03  Skil 8# 75
Enrique14:20 Rx 33' box
CadyNS  NS
Ryley13:26  30” box
Chad OAwesoeme  Sauce
Isaiah17:40 Rx +15# wated sit ups
Luke WAwesoeme  Sauce
DallasAwesoeme  Sauce
Paul R16:10  30box
Ted15:10  Not Rx
Sarah Yag12:52  knee pushup
Bo13:34  24in box
Tina13:41  knee pu, 20' box
Amber T16:18  12 BAOX KNEE PU
Penny14:10  knee PU low box jumps
Gidget(G.M.A.)10:14  24bx/mod.PU
Brooke14.40  box step ups
Paul S15:00  24 box
Casey F14:04 Rx
Christi10:38 Rx
Boz15:40  Modified
Erika S11:27  20in box, Half knee pushups half norm
Tarrah14:07 Rx
Jo14:20  14', some knees
Scott G10:42 Rx
Kimberly11:46 Rx
Rogan9:36 Rx
Derek W8:53 Rx
Vaughn12:28  30' box
Mercedes12:48 Rx
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