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Monday Dec 3,2018

Pete F


Warm -up

Back Squat


3x rounds, AMRAP 5 min of 6x pull-ups + 8x burpees + 10x squats, rest 2:00 between rounds

S1: (Reduced option)
AMRAP 8 of 6x pull-ups or ring rows + 6x burpees + 6x squats

S2: Further reduced option)  
AMRAP 8 of 6x ring rows + 6x burpees + 6x squat

0% 0%
1st13+4 Debbie Mon,Dec 3,2018
2nd12 Kimberly Mon,Dec 3,2018
3rd11+6 Christi Mon,Dec 3,2018
1st17+4 Luke F Mon,Dec 3,2018
2nd16 + 7 Derek W Mon,Dec 3,2018
3rd13+6 Ryley Mon,Dec 3,2018

Patti12  Grestart each round green band pu
Paul RRx
Enrique10 Rx 20#vest
Kelly B green
Josh B11  Not Rx
Bo10+16 Rx
Amber T8 +2  black and red band
Debbie13+4 Rx
Christi11+6 Rx
Tina10+6  Green band pu
Rogan13 Rx
Scott G10+6 Rx
Brooke7+20  banded pullups
Araceli8+6  Blue band pull ups
Isaiah9 + 2 Rx
Luke WRx RX!!!!!!!!!
Bryan12+15 Rx
Luke F17+4 Rx
Kimberly12 Rx
Quimby10+19 Rx
Crystal F11 + 3  Black band
Pete F9+12 Rx
Vaughn13 Rx
Ryley13+6 Rx
Clyde10rds 14reps Rx
Derek W16 + 7 Rx
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