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Saturday Dec 1,2018


6.21.14 Suffering Saturday
In Teams of 2  

*Partner A works while Partner B performs the hold (change out as needed). Between both athletes complete:  

50 Strict Press (Rx: 115/75, Rx2: 95/65, Perf: 75/45)  
Chin Over bar pullup hold (Rx2: static hang from bar)  

50 Alt. Lunges Steps (Rx: 115/75, Rx2: 95/65, Perf: 75/45)  
Handstand Hold on wall (Rx2: plyobox handstand hold)  

50 Toes to Bar (Rx: knees-to-triceps, Perf: knee raises)  
Static Pullup Bar Hang  

50 Wall Balls (Rx: 20/14, Rx2: 14/10, Perf: 12/8)  
Front Rack Barbell Hold (Rx: 115/75, Rx2: 96/65, Perf: 75/45)  

50 Box Jumps (Rx: 30/24, Rx2: 24/20, Perf: 20/16)  
Plank Hold on Forearms/Toes  

**Every time reps stop or a partner stops a hold, partners must switch.  
**10 Burpee Penalty for every time the bumpers touch the ground on the Front Rack Barbell Hold and every time the barbells touch the ground on the lunge steps and the strict press...barbell must be handed off.

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1st22:30 Josh L Sat,Dec 1,2018

Josh L22:30 Rx Partner: Bryan
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