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Thursday Nov 29,2018

Gymversary Kylie-1
Welcome Pete F


Metcon: Time
Warm up:

Hand stand walk practice
Handstand hold practice
Going upside down practice.

5 rounds of 5x deadlift (up to 275#/185#) + handstand walk, up to 20ft

S1:(Reduced option)
5 rounds of 10x sumo deadlift (up to 24# KB) + 20ft bear crawl

S2:(Further reduced option)
AMRAP 8 of 5x suitcase deadlift (up to 8# DBs) + 20ft bear craw

100% 0%
1st3:54Jo Thu,Nov 29,2018
2nd5:19Patti Thu,Nov 29,2018
3rd5:44Debbie Thu,Nov 29,2018
1st7:40 Chris M Thu,Nov 29,2018
2nd4:20Ryley Thu,Nov 29,2018
3rd6:53Bo Thu,Nov 29,2018

Enrique7:00  225#/box walks
Araceli6:23  125# bear crawl
Paul R7:00  275#DL, Box Walks
Patti5:19  115#, box walks
Debbie5:44  HS shoulder touch / 155#DL / 130 bicycle sit ups
Bo6:53  275# DL, 20 Nose2Wall Shoulder Taps
Christi5:53  165#DL, 30” box circle walks
Sarah Yag5:46  105 nose 2 wall hand taps
Leila9:20  85#DL,bx walks
Chris M7:40 Rx HS walks and 225# DL
Ryley4:20  225#bearcrwl
Jo3:54  105#, bear crawl
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