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Monday Nov 26,2018

Welcome Josh '


Metcon: Reps
Warm up:

Toes 2 bar/Knees 2 elbows
Review the movement and points of performance.  Practice the moves.

AMRAP 12min of 16x overhead walking lunges (up to 35# DB) + 7x burpees + 9x Knee 2 elbows

S1:(Reduced option)
AMRAP 8min of 9x overhead walking lunges (up to 15# DB) + 5x burpees + 7x sit-ups

S2:(Further reduced option)
AMRAP 8min of 10x lunges + 10x burpees + 2x25m shuttle run

0% 0%
1st5+17 Christi Mon,Nov 26,2018
2nd5+16 Debbie Mon,Nov 26,2018
3rd2 Seanna Mon,Nov 26,2018
1st5+23 Luke F Mon,Nov 26,2018
2nd5 + 10 Derek W Mon,Nov 26,2018
3rd4 Paul R Mon,Nov 26,2018

Kelly B 12#, k2ch
Enrique3+5 Rx toes to bar 35#
Paul RRx 2x35#DB, KtE
Araceli3+23  20#DB T2B
Josh B5+8  25#, K2E
Casey Mil 18#/Leg Lifts
Laura M76  S2
Tina4+9  12#
Amber T 10# walk lung knee to bar attempts
Bo3+13 Rx
Blake 18#/ K2E
Debbie5+16 Rx 17.5
Jim Z no weight lunges, burpees normal, hanging bar swing
Josh '80  lunge w light wt
Brooke4+8  20#, knee raises
Kylie7 rds + 16  24 over head and mod toes to bar
Christi5+17 Rx 17.5# (3rds), 12# (2rds); T2B/K2E mix
Cathy4+20  20# over head, k2c
Tarrah5+8  2x18#kb, t2b
Crystal F Mod t2b / #26kb front rack lunges
Clyde4RDS  20lbs K2E
Luke F5+23 Rx
Kimberly4 + 24 Rx
Derek W5 + 10 Rx
SeannaRx + 1 million t2b attempts
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