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Saturday Nov 24,2018


Metcon: Reps
Warm up:


For Time,  

Two person teams, or if class has odd number, work can be divided in half for one person working alone.

60 wall ball shots, 20/14#
40 hang cleans, 135/95#
60 pullups
40 hang cleans
60 wall ball shots

--Wall ball shots alternate between partners until complete
--One partner performs hang cleans while other dead hangs from pullup bar.  Can switch as needed.  Do not perform reps until teammate is dead hanging from pullup bar.
--One teammate performs pullups while other holds their bar in the front rack position.  Switch as needed.  Do not perform reps until teammate is holding bar in rack position.


14/10#, 115/75#, banded pullups


10/8#, 95/65#, banded pullups or ring rows

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Enrique24:46 Rx Partner with Paul
Josh L18:39  Brian: Rx // Josh: 95#
Paul R24:46 Partner with Enrique Rx