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Thursday Nov 8,2018

Luke F
Nice work bro!

Metcon: 15077Other Posted Results


Metcon: Reps
Bear Crawl
20x Push-ups
15m Crab Walk
20x Jump Squats
Burpee broad jumps
30x Mountain Climbers
Jog 400m

A. CFN TEST:  (Rx'd)

-You get '2' attempts at ME consecutive reps of each exercise(add total reps for score).  

ME Thrusters (75/55)

ME Kipping Pullups (once you drop you are done – no using boxes to stabilize).

ME KB Swings (53/35)

ME Toes-to-Bar  

ME Wall Balls (20/14 - 10' target)

**RULES: You have a total of '30-minutes' with a continually running clock to complete all 5 movements. Rest as needed between them but you MUST stay in the order shown or it will NOT count. You cannot rest the thruster on your back and you can pause in the front squat/front rack position for 3-seconds max. KB's cannot have a pause, once the KB momentum is stopped you are finished. No pausing on wall balls, standing or squatting with the ball and resting will terminate your effort.  
**If making a second attempt, you must do so before you move on to the next exercise.

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Maria T128  45#thrusters, black band, 26#Kb, knee raises, 10#wb
Enrique118 Rx
Patti105  45#,green band PU,35#KG, k2c,14#WB
Paul R97 Rx
Courtney193  25#thurshers, black band, 18#kb, knee raises, 8#wb
Robert S82 Rx
Araceli147  45#thrusters,green band, 26#kb, 10#wb, t2b
Debbie152 Rx
Lonna192  40#bar, 18#KB, k2c, 10# wb
Bo121 Rx
Sarah Yag152  #45 T 18#kb green bank pu, k2c 10#wb
Casey F137 Rx 24/15/50/12/36
Tina109  26# kb, gr band pu, 10# wb
Leila155  mod., 35#, RR, kte, 18#kb,8#wb
Seanna171 Rx 50/21/70/10/20 ouch!!!
Rogan141 Rx
Scott G105 Rx
Quimby139 Rx
Jo113  35#, gr band, 26#kb, kte, 10#wb
Bryan179 Rx
Clyde85  65lb T 35lb KB
Kimberly162 Rx
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Ryan 6:47pm
Nice job on the PB's(personal bests)and the leader boards. Solid efforts!

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